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nova App

Nova is communication support for first-time parents and their babies. The nova app is connected to the nova wristband and has all the information the carers need regarding babies' habits. Moreover, a smart ML system aims to predict babies' routines so the parent can understand better their needs and plan their day.


The concept developed as part of my master's and has an academic collaboration with the UCLA health app #Chatterbaby, inspired by Dr. Ariana Anderson.


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APP UI: Users will track the baby's activities, find tips, and even get predictions for the next hours.  After a while of using ML the system knows the baby's rhythm and has different advice for the parents on what to do with their free time.


DESIGN CONCEPT: It was important to me to create a mindful design to reduce parental stress. I managed to do that, firstly, by using contemporary calm colors for the wristband and the app. And secondly, by allowing the parents to use the app only before or after they are with the baby, so they will disconnect from their phones. While they are nurturing their babies they will be using the wristband itself.  

NFC:  In order to transfer the data into the App in a "safe" way, the wristband will have an NFC reader. Hence, it will happen only after the parent will be “baby free”.

Academic collaboration with The Chatter-baby app by Ph.D. Ariana Anderson from UCLA health.

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