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Devi & Kamu

Devi & Kamu is a unique space that is used as a daycare during the weekdays and a cafe during the weekend. 


In 2018, I was invited to design, an interior project of two interfaces in the same space, in Breda, The Netherlands. The main use of the space was a daycare for children between the ages of 3months till 4 years old. However, during the weekends, the lovely daycare turned into a family cafe. The challenge was to create a space that would appeal to both children and adults, with minimal rearranging.

lotus logo wall art.jpg


I used my digital design knowledge to create a dynamic interior design space. The brief was to create a rustic space based on a calm Yoga world, hence I carefully chose a pastel color palette and combined into it Kōtopīnat's guidelines.


With the themes of nature, calm, and playfulness, I planned a Lotus Room and a Sun Room from mockup sketches to final project results. Both rooms share a common atmosphere but they each feature their own creative space.



The Lotus Room

Faces the lake and is inspired by a lotus flower, an aquatic plant that grows from water.

I created the Lotus Room to reflect the idea of coziness and floating above the floor. In my design of this room, I used purple pastel colors to create a quiet sitting area for both kids and teachers. I designed lotus wall art, combined with a big green carpet in a shape of a leaf, and created Devi’s logo, made of laser-cut plywood, to complete the calm atmosphere.

The Sun Room

Faces the sunset and is inspired by the changing beauty of the sky. Complete with poofy cloud lamp and pillows, raindrops wall art, and a sun book wall. The main sitting area was the sun library, the kids are able to lay and relax, listen to a story or sit with their friends and teachers.


"Kid, you'll move mountains!"
Dr. Seuss

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