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Multidisciplinary Designer & Innovator

Awarded the 2021 Helen Hamlyn Design Award for Inclusive Innovation

MO has been awarded the Northumbrian Water Award for Inclusive Innovation for an outstanding project, in recognition of design that improves people's lives. (1).gif


An AI-Hand controller, for kids, that empowers their brains in digital interactions.



A smart AI wristband and communication support for first-time parents and their babies.



A CO2 capture system that ensures indoor air quality for high cognitive performance.

Humanity created and structured a complex and charged world. Globalization may be confusing when humans desire to explore diverse cultures, and languages are mixed with others. But unlike Babel, today we are able to produce a high variety of technological tools and smart virtual ways to communicate. The virtual systems, in a post-pandemic world, are becoming more and more immersive and they are changing the way we behave or bond with ourselves and others. Will these digital pipelines of communication bring us together? or tear us apart? Scientists say that there is a connection between social skills and cognitive ones, hence how will the "Metaverse" affect children's cognitive skills development, in the future? These questions, and many more, lead me to research and explore How Might We create a co-dynamic educational experience, to enhance children's cognitive skills development in a virtual space?   

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nova app

The app supports the nova smart AI wristband and allow parents to track their babies' habits. (3).gif

In 2012, was the #1 contacts app, with more than 10M Installations all over the world.


Samsung & LG TVs

Samsung and LG Smart TV design for the London Olympic Games 2012 and the "Total Music" channel.



Sustainable and genderless feeding chair, with adjustable arm-table, for parents, carers, and their newborn babies.

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A contemporary online store for families with babies who seek for balance between babies and adult décor.


Devi & Kamu

The interior design carried a unique sustainable concept, of a children's daycare (on weekdays) and a cafe (in the weekend). 


Hi, Hoi & Shalom!

I’m Natalie, an Israeli-born designer, and an innovator, based in London.
Growing up in a complex startup nation called Israel, enhanced my creativity and inspired me to explore boundaries, gaps, and interactions between humans, cultures, and different worlds. A few years ago I explored my own borders while relocating to The Netherlands. This experience of being an Expat and a newborn parent. in a foreign country stretched my personality, lead me to reinvent myself, and therefore I establish KotoPinat. Just before the Covid19 began, I relocated again, this time with my family, to London in order to explore the border between design and science and to see how both can co-exist in synergy and evolve within humanity. This challenge, of being a parent, student, and researcher, during the pandemic, brought me to speculate our virtual immersive future. And question How Might We optimise the digital experience for the next generation in order to gain a cognitive thrive? And so this is how MO began.


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