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Awarded the 2021 Helen Hamlyn Design Award for Inclusive Innovation

MO has been awarded the Northumbrian Water Award for Inclusive Innovation for an outstanding project, in recognition of design that improves people's lives.



An AI-Hand controller, for kids, that empowers their brains in digital interactions.



A smart AI wristband and communication support for first-time parents and their babies.



A CO2 capture system that ensures indoor air quality for high cognitive performance.

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nova app

The app supports the nova smart AI wristband and allow parents to track their babies' habits.

In 2012, was the #1 contacts app, with more than 10M Installations all over the world.


Samsung & LG TVs

Samsung and LG Smart TV design for the London Olympic Games 2012 and the "Total Music" channel.



Sustainable and genderless feeding chair, with adjustable arm-table, for parents, carers, and their newborn babies.

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A contemporary online store for families with babies who seek for balance between babies and adult décor.

Devi & Kamu

The interior design carried a unique sustainable concept, of a children's daycare (on weekdays) and a cafe (in the weekend). 


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